Ep. 20: Jackson Laundry – Pro Triathlete

Jackson Laundry is a professional triathlete. After having two breakthrough years he was vying top finish at 70.3 Worlds but a crash prevented that. Jackson spoke about his season, the crash, his road to recovery and plans for 2020.


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Ep. 17: Rachael Maney – Bike Law

Rachael is the Director of Bike Law. Bike Law is a network of independent bicycle crash lawyers who share a common approach to the law and to helping cyclists. Rachael spoke about what Bike Law is, What they do, how we can get involved to improve the safety of cycling and, what steps to take if and when you are involved in a crash.


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Ep. 14: Mayrena Hernandez – Athletic Trainer

Mayrena Hernandez is an athletic trainer who’s (an almost) PhD candidate. She has worked with all levels of athletes from high schoolers all the way up to the olympic level. May is also a 2x Ironman (we actually just raced Ironman Lake Placid together) We spoke about exactly what an athletic trainer is, common injuries for runners and triathletes, how to prevent them and she’s been gracious enough to open the floor for questions… so if you have any questions or need clarification shoot me an email and we’ll have her back on for a Q&A session.

Contact Mayrena:

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Ep. 13: Katie Zaferes – #1 Ranked ITU Pro

Katie Zaferes is the #1 ranked Pro Triathlete on the ITU circuit with big plans for the 2020 Olympics racing for team USA. Katie spoke about her journey to triathlon as well as her road to becoming the top ranked pro. She also spoke about the importance of the mental game when it comes to triathlon. Furthermore, she discussed some of her training sessions, nutrition while traveling all over the world and her plans for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Contact Katie:

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Ep. 12: Rachel Brenke

Rachel Brenke is a cancer survivor, mother of 5, lawyer, entrepreneur, wife to a vet, Ironman, celebrity and just an all around amazing person that we can learn a lot from.

Rachel spoke about her journey to the world championships, how she managers to fit everything into 24 hours and she was also nice enough to provide some legal tips pro bono.


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Ep. 11: Mark Turnipseed – Addict to Athlete

Mark Turnipseed is a recovering addict with an amazing story. Mark’s story is one of battling a heroin, drug and alcohol addiction. Through ups and downs Mark is now a triathlete and in addition to that he’s opened up a triathlon based youth sobriety foundation called Tri-4-Youthsobriety. Mark’s view of triathlon and its benefits is unlike any I’ve ever heard of it and I’m excited to share it with you.

Mark’s info:
IG: Trials_To_Triathlon
FB: Mark Turnipseed

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Ep. 10: Ironman Lake Placid Primer

Jim Gazalle and I sit down to discuss all things Ironman Lake Placid. This is the perfect episode to listen to for anyone that’s racing Ironman Lake Placid. We discuss every aspect of the race so you can know what to expect and finish the race successfully!

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Ep. 9: Matt Miller – Base CEO

Matt Miller is the CEO of Base. Base now provides nutrition to Ironman races in North America. We chatted about the history of Base, the importance of electrolytes during races, sweat analysis and a bunch of other cool topics. Don’t worry, I did ask him the tough questions about Base Salt.

Use code “tripothesis19” for 25% off Base products.





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Ep. 8 Sarah Piampiano

Sarah Piampiano is an elite pro triathlete that just won Ironman Brazil breaking the course record and punching her ticket to Kona. On this episode we spoke about her transition from a 2 pack a day smoking wall street investment banker to pro triathlete, her dominating performance at Ironman Brazil, a typical day for an elite pro and some tips for Age Groupers to implement to improve their finish times. Enjoy!


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Ep. 7 Nathan Hernandez

Nathan Hernandez is an Ironman triathlete with an amazing recovery story. After many run-ins with the law as well a battling addiction, Nate just finished Ironman Texas. Everyone always loves a success story, but what people love more is comeback story. Especially coming back from something that seems insurmountable at times. Nathan’s story is the later and now he puts his energy into triathlon – and he does this all with 7 kids – some of whom you’ll get to hear on the podcast.

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Ep. 6 Paul Howell

Paul Howell is an injury prevention and gait specialist who is dedicated to finding the perfect human movement and the author of the Sling Method. Paul’s approach to injury prevention and strength is very unique and special because unlike most other approaches it does not happen in a silo and takes the entire body into account.


[email protected]

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Ep 5. Greg Kalt – Colorectal Cancer Survivor & Ironman

Greg Kalt is a colorectal cancer survivor who’s is also an Ironman triathlete. He races Ironman with a colostomy bag. Greg started racing Ironman after his diagnosis and surgery. His story is one not only of overcoming but exceling. There are so many great logistical takeaways from this episode for patients who might’ve been hesitant about racing with their bag and for all athletes because I think Greg is a true embodiment of an endurance athlete. Nothing stops us and he shows that day in and day.

Greg is a big supporter of the The Mohawk Foundation. www.themohawkfoundation.org

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Ep 4. Peter Shankman

My guest today is Peter Shankman. Peter is an entrepreneur, a best selling author, an Ironman triathlete and I’m pretty convinced that he has more than 24 hours in each day. We discussed the importance of time management, how to train while traveling year round, coming back and injury as well as how ADHD affects training and life. Please, give it up for Peter Shankman.

Contact on all social media:

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Ep. 3 Brad Williams – Pro Triathlete

Today’s guest is Brad Williams. Brad is a US Air Force vet turned AG triathlete turned pro triathlete. On the episode we discussed the reality of being a pro-triathlete, coming back from a pretty bad injury, the financials of sponsorship for pros and a whole bunch of other awesome topics.

Contact for Brad:
IG: bw_tri

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