The Tripothesis Vision: We believe that the barrier to entry into triathlon is high enough. While one sport is difficult to manage adding two others can be extremely intimidating to someone on their triathlon journey. We also believe that being priced out of triathlon is not in the spirit of the sport. That is why we are dedicated to bringing you triathlon training plans as well as running training plans that will allow you to complete any distance race. From a sprint to a 140.6, our plans will help you achieve success. Comparable plans are available for $250-400. Why spend that much? Hundreds of athletes have downloaded and used our plans and achieved success. You can be next!

How are we different? 

The cheapest and most comprehensive triathlon training plans and running training plans on the market. Period.

  • QualityPlans have been vetted by pros and used by athletes
  • Comprehensive: Intervals to endurance. We got it.
  • Simple: Print the PDF. Pin it to your wall. Train.
  • Cost Efficient: We don’t believe triathletes should be forced to pay $300 for training plans

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Want to get started? Simple:

1) Hit the donate button or simply PayPal [email protected]

2) Email [email protected] the distance you’re training for. 

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Triathlon Training Plans:

12 Week “Beginner” Sprint: Minimum Suggested Donation $10 

12 Week “Beginner” Olympic: MinimumSuggested Donation $15

24 Week “Intermediate” 70.3: Minimum Suggested Donation $35

32 Week “Intermediate” 140.6: Minimum Suggested Donation $50 

Sample 140.6 Triathlon Week: 

Running Training Plans:

Half Marathon: Minimum Suggested Donation $20

Marathon: Minimum Suggested Donation $30

Sample 26.2 Running Week:

We also accept Zelle & Venmo – Please email for details


Donation based private coaching is available under the “Coaching” tab above. Those plans will be personalized around your races, schedule, results and specialized just for you. They are perfect for an athlete seeking top results.


Happy Training!