Ep. 17: Rachael Maney – Bike Law

Rachael is the Director of Bike Law. Bike Law is a network of independent bicycle crash lawyers who share a common approach to the law and to helping cyclists. Rachael spoke about what Bike Law is, What they do, how we can get involved to improve the safety of cycling and, what steps to take if and when you are involved in a crash.


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Ep. 14: Mayrena Hernandez – Athletic Trainer

Mayrena Hernandez is an athletic trainer who’s (an almost) PhD candidate. She has worked with all levels of athletes from high schoolers all the way up to the olympic level. May is also a 2x Ironman (we actually just raced Ironman Lake Placid together) We spoke about exactly what an athletic trainer is, common injuries for runners and triathletes, how to prevent them and she’s been gracious enough to open the floor for questions… so if you have any questions or need clarification shoot me an email and we’ll have her back on for a Q&A session.

Contact Mayrena:

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Ep. 13: Katie Zaferes – #1 Ranked ITU Pro

Katie Zaferes is the #1 ranked Pro Triathlete on the ITU circuit with big plans for the 2020 Olympics racing for team USA. Katie spoke about her journey to triathlon as well as her road to becoming the top ranked pro. She also spoke about the importance of the mental game when it comes to triathlon. Furthermore, she discussed some of her training sessions, nutrition while traveling all over the world and her plans for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Contact Katie:

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Ep. 12: Rachel Brenke

Rachel Brenke is a cancer survivor, mother of 5, lawyer, entrepreneur, wife to a vet, Ironman, celebrity and just an all around amazing person that we can learn a lot from.

Rachel spoke about her journey to the world championships, how she managers to fit everything into 24 hours and she was also nice enough to provide some legal tips pro bono.


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Ep. 11: Mark Turnipseed – Addict to Athlete

Mark Turnipseed is a recovering addict with an amazing story. Mark’s story is one of battling a heroin, drug and alcohol addiction. Through ups and downs Mark is now a triathlete and in addition to that he’s opened up a triathlon based youth sobriety foundation called Tri-4-Youthsobriety. Mark’s view of triathlon and its benefits is unlike any I’ve ever heard of it and I’m excited to share it with you.

Mark’s info:
IG: Trials_To_Triathlon
FB: Mark Turnipseed

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Ep. 10: Ironman Lake Placid Primer

Jim Gazalle and I sit down to discuss all things Ironman Lake Placid. This is the perfect episode to listen to for anyone that’s racing Ironman Lake Placid. We discuss every aspect of the race so you can know what to expect and finish the race successfully!

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Ironman Mont Tremblant Race Report

I’ll be completely honest with you, this is my third try at writing this race report and I hope I succeed. The past 2 had to scrapped because I found myself venting, whining and complaining – and it’s not something I want to look back on given my experience. Pre-Race: I’ll spare you the usual pre-race “I didn’t feel ready” nonsense because I did. Although the hours I put weren’t optimal (averaged about 13 hours…

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Supplements for Triathletes: What really helps.

A Dutch study found that “receiving dietary counseling seemed to result in better-informed choices with respect to the use of nutritional supplements related to performance, recovery, and health.” (Wardenaar et al., 2017) so I decided to write a bit about nutrition since it’ll allow me to casually reminisce about my college days without breaking down and sobbing because I miss it. Dietary supplements are a multibillion dollar industry. Being that triathlon is expensive as it…

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The Triathlon Off-Season: How To Set Yourself Up For a Successful Year

For triathletes, off-season is typically a make-it or break-it indicator of their next year. I am of the opinion that the statement “triathletes are made in the off season” is very true. Of course, the term off-season is pretty misleading when it comes to triathlon. We go from 15-hour weeks to 10-hour weeks and consider it an “off-season” In fact, the majority of growth – both mentally and physically – is done in the off-season.…

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Sudden Cardiac Death in Triathlon – Should Triathletes Be Concerned?

Every few years (or months?) an article comes out that galvanizes the public, throws the media into a frenzy and forces us to take a good look at actual risk. “Death and Cardiac Arrest in U.S. Triathlon Participants” by Harris et al., was that article for triathletes. Published just a few days ago it threw the triathlon community into disarray. The British Medical Journal and the article itself went as far as suggesting that sudden…

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Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City Race Report

Ironman AC 70.3 Race Report Coming off Maine 70.3 where I smashed the course (5:16) and hit all my goals this season I was not planning to go hard at AC. However, once that cannon goes off (or lack thereof but I digress) a competitor’s mindset shifts. I guess that’s how you know you’re a competitive person and a type A… which triathlon seems to attract. Pre-Race: Drove up to AC Friday after work and…

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Ironman Lake Placid Race Report

Pre-Race: I just want to preface this race report and mention Rolf Prima Wheel System (who helped me crush the bike) and TriMafia for providing a team, kits, motivation and triathlon family. My goal was a sub 13 and I wasn’t sure if I was going to come near that as this was my first Ironman. I arrived in Lake Placid on Thursday and made it just in time for check-in! Barring some parking issues…

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Ironman 70.3 Syracuse Race Report 2017

Race Report for IM 70.3 Syracuse: I’m at a bit of a loss regarding how I should feel about my performance at this race. On the one hand my time was only minutes faster than last year, and, after training hard for a year in prep for Ironman Lake Placid it was demoralizing to not be able to preform better. On the other, everyone seemed to have a hard day. The winds, heat and humidity…

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